Do you think that the percentage of narcissists in any given population can fluctuate? As in, is our current society particularly adept at producing narcissists, or have they always been there but now they're just much louder with digital communication tools?

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I'm sure it fluctuates a lot based on the society. We have a lot of broken homes and narcissists now raising children who will turn out that way too. We also have perverse incentives for people to be that way rather than try to get healing, Furthermore our psychology field has been gathering people in the drama triangle (because that's what the schools produce) who don't even know how to help others get out of it, which means they can't help anyone they treat and may only make it worse.

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That's scary to hear about the field of psychology. A bunch of people who have their own issues, trying to help others.

I've read that psychology is going woke too, with psychologists talking to their clients about white guilt and all the rest. This is fairly terrifying. A vulnerable person comes to you seeking help, and the reply they get is that their pain isn't real because they're white. Insanity.

I hope that we can make changes in the future. Ty for writing this article

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