"I wish they could find the peace that comes from finding your identity from within, rather than without (from the world), because they will never find peace that way."

Amazingly, this sort of thing takes a level of bravery most people don't. Most people are afraid of themselves, of their strengths and weaknesses, their light and their shadow. To find your identity within is a lonely and difficult undertaking, as it quite literally just "me, myself, and I" on the journey.

But I wish that society would tout the benefits of going on such a soul journey. While lonely, it's a deeply fulfilling, eternal journey that lasts a lifetime. It gives us purpose and strength to survive and understand the world.

"Within yourselves deliverance must be sought; / Each man his prison makes." -- Sir Edwin Arnold

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That's 100% right on the money.

The same goes for all those screwy diversity training classes. They can all be condensed down to, "Live your life trying to *not* offend people based on their race, while simultaneously *not* identifying their race -- because that's racist." It's nonsense first of all. Second, you will live a completely hollow life trying to please others all the time. It will sap your energy and leave you beaten and defeated.

Diversity training is about teaching you to hate yourself, and setting you up for failure. It's truly mind-fuckery.

People need to find their identity like Barbara said -- from within, or from God. Everything else is a path to ultimate failure. It's a string of never ending goal post movements.

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You might find some actionable items here.

Woke Self-Defense 101

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