I wrote that substack she is likely referring to in her last article. I am watching her since then. Currently I am about 78% sure she is a launched hard-left activist deliberately playing the victim to undermine Substack. Look at her banner.

I am 20% sure she is a genuine victim that misuses social media unconsciously for group therapy and gets indeed re-traumatized doing so. As everyone would. It's not meant for therapy.

The only n word I found in regards to her was actually from a supporter instructing not to use it. But I might have missed it. Interestingly, she never backs up her claims of racist notes towards her with evidence.

After she demanded censorship she got some angry bad language notes but not racist ones.

I might be wrong. I often am.

But even if, she got the tools given to deal with it. It seems that some Substack staff is already giving her special status but it doesnt seem enough for her.

My hunch is that it never will, no matter what is offered. That's why free speech lovers instinctively resisted that first demand to censorship.

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Well put, shared.

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Simply ask her to make a list of all of the allowances that she needs others to make for her, but that others do not need her to make for them.

Then she will have in her own words how she is inferior. How she sees herself.

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As my favorite cult used to say:

"People are winning the game they are playing."

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