Good analysis. I like the model you use to explain why people become trapped in victimhood. It is very helpful.

The video of the black fellow was a great illustration. He is blind to the opportunities America gives him and he will spend his life fighting an oppressor that doesn't exist. Absolutely tragic.

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Thanks for this wonderfully creative twist on the concept of colonization, Barbara. Could an open southern border that invites millions of illegal immigrants be a deliberate act of colinization?

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I”If you view yourself as a “victim” and see the culture as a “persecutor” and desire more power through rioting (as opposed to lawful pursuits) then you’re likely stuck in the drama triangle. That usually means your emotions (and not logic) are your guides.”

So by this logic, the British citizens who were colonists in North America were in a drama triangle because they felt (were) persecuted and desired more power/freedom and obtained independence through rioting rather than lawful pursuits”?

I’m trying to understand when do you think it is okay for a people to rebel against “a long train of abuses....”

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