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Here is another perspective from a student of medieval literary tradition. So, last week, I was reading my old Medieval English Literature textbook, and toward the end was a section on mystery plays and morality plays. These plays portrayed in dramatic form on small stages the mysteries of the Christian religion and Christian moral virtues. I don't invalidate what you say because I agree with the drama perspective you show us. Instead, I add another reason for our distaste for Woke remakes and films in general: they're speaking to the faithful, not to us. Woke films are the mystery and morality plays of their religion and are foreign to those of us who do not adhere to their tenets. That is the reason they say, "You didn't like Ghostbusters because you're a sexist!" Or you could insert whatever film they get upset about us panning with whatever the -ism or -phobia applies. It is basically the adherent of the Woke religion telling us we're going to whatever Hell they believe in, that we're sinners or heretics. Or infidels. Woke is a religion, and I think after figuring out that Robin D'Angelo and Ibram X. Kendi wrote their liturgy, that whiteness is their original sin, and "doing the work" is their acts of conscience, we now have their mystery and morality plays.

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