I also have hypothyroidism (as do so many people now!) and I am keen to find a way to heal myself. I have been making some dietary changes.

it’s funny how terrified people are at the concept of going off drugs. It’s like to even suggest that you have the possibility to heal or dial back an illness is heresy.

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It IS a heresy to them because there's some sort of religious-type belief in BigPharma as our savior these days.

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Interesting post. I’d be curious if anyone has specifically "tested" ashwagandha, for hypothyroidism.

I finally have my mother close to me in assented living and am trying to shift her to herbal/homeopathic remedies, vs pharma. She of course is the one with hypo.

I've been using ashwagandha, for the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and adaptogen properties, but also know that it's properties may help hypothyroidism. The problem is, the studies (like the one below) use small cohorts and are scarce.

"One study on the matter reported that ashwagandha increased triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) levels by 41.5% and 19.6%, respectively, and reduced serum TSH levels by 17.4% from baseline."

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That IS interesting! Some of those supplements I mentioned contain Ashwagandha. I have some mushroom gummies I take each day and the serving has 1500 mg of it.

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That's a pretty good dose. The liquid I use is only 1,200 per dropper (.75 ml). I usually just do two droppers. The biggest benefit I have seen (although I am doing no blood work/labs) is my sleep. I've never had issues, but it is now noticeably more sound and consistent. Waking is clear and crisp.

Here's what I use:


My hope is that after the revelations of the last 4 years and scamdemic, that more and larger studies are done on these centuries old naturopathic methods and substances.

As we now know (many times by just reading the side effects) the chemicals they push on us may mitigate one thing, but poisons us, in several other ways.

I always say, we as a species survived and thrived for thousands of years without "experts" in white lab coats. Since their rise, we've only regressed and declined physically and mentally.

Well done healing yourself. Keep going. Give your body plenty of pure water and lots of organic, fresh vegetables/nutrients and it will fix itself.

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I got invited to Amazon Vine where you can get "free" products for reviewing them. I've gotten my vegan mushroom gummies from them.

Here are a couple: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0CLB9T3W6 and https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0CM121YXQ

They include other mushrooms as well. And I do think they've helped with me with sleeping as well.

On the other topic you brought up, people idolize doctors and medical organizations. No one is going to pay lots of money to study cheap natural cures. There are perverse incentives to study the big pharma "cures" that end up hurting us as you've pointed out. I'd like to see those studies as well, but I don't know how we're going to get them.

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True on all counts and thanks for the links.

It is unfortunate that we (the masses) have accepted the Rockefeller allopathic model, that was built on chemicals. The opportunist destroyers have never been the problem, it's always been us (throughout history) that allowed them to exploit our want for ease, convenience and shiny toys.

I think the only way we get those studies is an interested and deprogrammed philanthropist who spends the money altruistically - or a normie that wins the lottery and says "I'm doing studies and burning down the pharma/gov cabal.

The flipside of that coin though, is seeing the amazing results ivermectin is providing in fighting and "curing" cancers. The waters are muddied in many places, which makes it all the more important that we keep researching and exploring. I think our way around the lack of studies is anecdotal reports like yours and others.

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Congrats on the improvement! That is wonderful; I very much share your perspective.

"Everyone has the responsibility to do their own research and look for alternatives."

This is very true, too. You may get a kick out an article I wrote on that very topic!


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Very nice progress. Please feel free to tell me to shut up if you don't want my thoughts, but hypothyroidism is something I'm very familiar with. Certainly I do believe it can be "cured" without taking synthetic pharmaceuticals. If you are going to take thyroid hormone then I do recommend natural thyroid hormone - it's a dramatically superior solution compared to pharmaceuticals.

Most MDs will only prescribe "Synthroid" (Levothyroxine) which is T4. But T3 is the active form of thyroid hormone. If you are lucky with an MD they might be wise enough to give you Cytomel (synthetic T3) so combination of T4 + T3 is far more like what your body does.

If the reason you are hypothryoid is due to a failure to convert T4 to T3 then just taking more T4 isn't going to help. Several nutrients are vital in converting T4 to T3, a key one that is fairly unknown is selenium.

I'm also an advocate of taking plenty of iodine!

TSH is a terrible measure of thyroid hormone status. It is very important to get a Free T3 test result to have a good idea of your thyroid hormone status. Getting a Reverse T3 test can also be very helpful to see if it's stress (cortisol) that is shifting conversion to reverse T3 instead of active T3.

I've had MDs come to me to have me teach them the details of how thyroid hormone metabolism works.

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When you say "natural" do you mean from pigs or cows? I'm vegetarian for religious purposes. Taking the synthetic T4 made a drastic change to my TSH levels. It's obvious in the chart picture the drop from 18+ to less than 6 in a month.

After researching a bit I saw some people also say there can be too much iodine. So that was not as clear cut.

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Yes, natural is from another animal. Natural is far superior for a number of reasons but if you rule that out there are other options. Thus why I mentioned synthetic options Cytomel or you might check out BiTiron (a combination of T4 & T3) or Tiromel.

Certainly taking synthetic T4 will drop your TSH levels. Your brain will see the T4 floating around in your blood stream and say "Hey, we don't need to make any more thyroid hormone, we already have plenty". But it fails to account for failure to convert the T4 to active T3 (or reverse T3).

Iodine is hotly debated. Tons of disagreement among us experts. It is largely misunderstood because when you first start taking it TSH will increase because TSH also serves to stimulate production of "NIS" (Sodium-Iodide-Symporter). So when you start iodine therapy, there is this large increase in available iodine which your body needs to get into cells. So TSH goes up in order to produce more NIS. Also it's very important to take selenium too! After less than six months of iodine supplementation TSH levels should drop to very low levels (below 1.0). When taking supplemental thyroid hormone and iodine it's normal to have a TSH level of <0.1 (basically your brain saying "this is awesome, we have enough thyroid hormone").

This is another reason why it is critical to measure Free T3 and NOT TSH if you want to know your thyroid hormone status!

You'll find "experts" insisting that all hypothryoid situations are actually "Hashimotos" (which is an auto immune condition where your own immune system is attacking thyroid hormone). If someone truly has "Hashimotos" then the cure is to fix the auto immune situation - eliminating eating gluten). In my experience this knee-jerk "all hypothyroid cases are Hashimotos" is dead wrong.

Another product you can consider is Nutricology's "Essential Thyroid Nutrition" which is low dosage of about a dozen nutrients that are important to thyroid hormone metabolism.

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Some times switching to a natural thyroid meds helps. Myself and others have swi

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When you say "natural" do you mean from pigs or cows? I'm vegetarian so I wasn't going to use those ones.

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