Personal responsibility is an extremely important concept.

We can also have a socially responsible society without socialism.

This is why our *only* focus should be on freedom. We must eliminate tyranny before we can deal with more nuanced and controversial issues.

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Yes, in reality, everyone focused on their own personal cares (with personal responsibility) will result in them caring for those around them (end result is a socially responsible society). It doesn't have to be forced by the government. But when it is forced by the government, they make the problem worse, because they need there to be a problem to stay in existence.

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This is a very important discussion / concept. However it's not simple or obvious.

From my point of view, humans *are* flawed. It certainly is worth thinking about how to agree on a socially responsible system without destroying our society in the process.

It's also unreasonable to "flip a switch" to change from the current system to a new system. It takes far more foresight and effort to reverse a system headed for self destruction, than to design a system from scratch.

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Excellent work

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