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Happy Independence Day!

Do You Feel Free?

Isn’t it odd that we call it the “Fourth of July” more often than Independence Day? Let us remember our independence from some far-off country. Oh, we kind of have some of the exact same issues - now that we have the federal government ruling over people they know nothing about. I think we will need a revival of throwing off those shackles again.

But how do you get that? With war? That’s the drama triangle response. If you see whole groups as a persecutor and whole groups feel like their victim, you end up with a war. We do have people on the “right” and “left” who feel this way, so it may lead to a civil war.

But that’s not what we want. They’re miswanting. What we want is for people to find inner peace and inner freedom. That peace and freedom will change the people who are elected in the future. We can send waves through our government through a change in our minds.

We find our feeling of freedom by focusing on where we are free and taking it from there. Please, also read

’s latest article.

We will have to enforce boundaries when we can and take responsibility over our lives. When we do this, we become examples to others because people like to conform to what everyone else is doing. When everyone else is enforcing boundaries and taking responsibility for themselves, then that becomes the “in” thing to do.

You will never feel so powerful and free as when you stop blaming others for your situation and start taking the reins on your life and mindset.

People who have a victim mentality will stay as victims. Those who whine about having no freedom will have blind spots over the places in which they’re free. When you start to feel free (no matter what is going on in your life), your brain will show you more places in which you have freedom. And, you always have the freedom to think better-feeling thoughts.

There will be an exponential rise in your actual physical freedom because of those thoughts and feelings helping you to take different actions, the actions of a free man or woman.

Take personal responsibility, focus on where you find the feeling of freedom and milk it for heaven’s sake. That’s how we get more of it.

Have a great Independence Day!

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