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Do Benefits Actually Benefit People?

Acts 5 & Substackers Against Nazis

Toxic Charity or Teaching a Man To Fish

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Flipping the Triangle is about Wanting Revenge

Not Condemning Evil Due to Drama

What Changed From the '80s?

The Presumptuous Pride of Saviors

Who's Colonizing Whom?

Looking For Saviors Makes You Feel Powerless

Does anyone deserve to be raped?

False Accusations Bring About What You Fear

Why Restorative Justice Fails At Meting Justice

Hazelbrook Middle School's Assault & Abusive Environment

Useless, Harmful, and Tyrannical by Design

Democrats Can Be Codependent Nightmares

Pride, Shame or Hate for Skin Color

My Old Relationship Was Full of Drama

Do You Believe in Your Identity?

Independence from Woke Tyranny: A Special Independence Day Convo

Happy Independence Day!

Schrödinger’s Cat and the Drama Triangle

My Few Hours as a Victim & How I Turned It Around

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Do we deserve to "see ourselves" reflected in media?

Perverse Incentives For Identifying As a Disorder

All logic goes out the window when pissed

You Don't Have the Right to Be Heard

Saviors associate having fun with naïvety

Feeling Powerless vs. Powerful

Louis Rossman Exits The Drama of GrapheneOS

Why We Hate Woke Remakes, Reboots, & More

Adults Who Act Like Children or Parents

Is Substack Siding With Oppressors?

Crowder & His Wife Were Attracted to Each Other

Parents Evade Responsibility, Shifting it to Twitter

Saviors Take The Weight of the World On Their Shoulders

How To Destroy A Movement With The Fallacy of Equivocation

Trans Widows Aren't Victims

Vivek, America First Candidate, on Not Responding With Grievance & Vengeance

There, but for the grace of God go I.

Twitter Shadow Bans Substack Links

A "Savior" Can Never Rest

Blameshifting: Nashville, Tennessee Shooting Edition

Censorship: Trying to "Save" People From Books

The Drama Triangle Offers Win-Lose "Solutions"

A Real-World Drama Triangle on TikTok

How Many "Allies" Are Fawning Over Persecutors?

Donald Trump & His Calls For Protest

Wokeness & Supporting the "Current Thing"

Being Drama-less is Calming

Bailing out SVB Would Be Enabling Bad Behavior

MSM's Responsibility in January 6th

Seeing Through Distorted Lenses

Hating Survival of the Fittest

Responsibility Shifting: An Example Case

Society is Becoming Desensitized to Abuse

Motivated Reasoning Keeps Us From Changing Minds

Teal Swan Exposes the Drama in "Woke" Culture